This tune is a mix of one of Scruff’s (Lovejunk’s singer/guitarist) tunes called Meatloaf B-Sides. It’s a noisy little number that’s quite relentless.

Geek stuff for anyone that cares: Parts from the original tune: various samples recorded direct into Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and pitch-shifted. Drums: Drum loops cut up, mapped across the keys, shoved through the Yamaha A3000’s compression and distortion and triggered by Cakewalk. Other samples taken from various films and pushed through the A3000 with a little (or a lot of) delay. This is the final mix of this tune as I wiped all of the audio parts from my PC by accident during a Windows rebuild :-(

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Dictionaraoke. Loads of karaoke style tracks with the vocals duties being taken care of by speaking dictionaries. ll of your favorites are there including Smack My Bitch Up by the Prodigy, Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, Iron Man by Black Sabbath and many more.

Where’s Summer B

So here it is, my take on Ben Folds Five tune Where’s Summer B. If you haven’t heard the original, or any of their other tunes, I urge you to do so, they are great. There will be more BFF tunes on their way soon so check back if you like this one (because the others will probably sound the same!).

Geek stuff for anyone that cares: Drums: Drum samples (may change them soon) going through a Yamaha A3000 and programmed in Sonar. Guitar and bass both going through a Behringer V-Amp for lush tones! Vocals: Out of my mouth and into a Rode NT1 condenser microphone (just purchased it). Everything recorded direct into Sonar on my PC. There were 20 tracks in all including the MIDI drum tracks as I placed each drum on a separate track so I had maximum control on their individual volume. This recording was the 10th mix (v2.3!). Expect another mix soon!

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If you like the Beatles and you like Metallica you may well like Beatallica (or maybe not!). Two guys spent a day recording and came up with 7 of your favourite tunes, including…And Justice For All My Loving, Everybody’s Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning and A Garage Dayz Nite (The album’s name) Be sure to check the lyrics page out as well.

Update (11/04/04) Beatallica, Beatallica’s self titled second album has just been released