Chopping Block

Chopping Block: Serial killers are people too! Chopping Block is a single frame online comic about the life of a young serial killer called Butch. Since it began, in July 2000, its creator, Lee Adam Herald, has kept it updated nearly every weekday with a new cartoon (more than 400 in total!). Its unique (visually and comically), sick and twisted, funny and most definitely not for the faint hearted and easily offended. My personal favourites so far are N’Sync, banjos, Halloween and urine, check them out.


I suppose it would be daft to mention online cartoons (see below and below again!) without mentioning mnftiu. This site is host to three brilliant online comics, Fighting Technique (all about fighting), Filing Technique (all about filing!) and Get Your War On (all about US office life after Sept 11th), my favourite. There’s also an archive so you needn’t miss a single strip.

Also of note is that one of the guys that is involved with this site is in a fantastic band called the Skeleton Killers. Have a listen to some of their tunes

Email Strong Bad

Strong Bad is a cartoon wrestler that wears boxing gloves and a tie-up-at-the-back wrestling mask even when he’s not fighting! He also likes to check his inbox for new messages every Monday and reply to them online for all to see. Trevor the vampire and band names are tops but they’re all worth checking out. After the fun with Strong Bad you can track back through the site and see loads of flash cartoons about another character called Homestar Runner and his friends, who include Marzipan, The Poopsmith and, the main man himself, Strong Bad.


This site is dedicated to Japanese English, or Engrish. The site is host to loads of Japanese pictures, mostly of consumer products, with English writing on them that seem to have lost something in translation. For example, the label on a model of a cartoon character –

“Repaint version. This is not a new product at all. The edition of us whom it is already on market were painted again in the new method, hi-skill and point of view” Check it out.

When I Am King

When I Am King is an amazing online comic that delivers a bizarre story in a truly original format. The story…”One day, the King of this country [somewhere in a strange Egyptian-like ancient world] woke with a dream in his mind, which would change his perspective on life forever”. There are 63 strips set over 5 consistently good chapters that have been viewed more than half a million times! Go there, you won’t regret adding to the total.

Warning, this comic contains scenes of cartoon nudity!