Here’s what the host of Twink has to say about this project –

“One day I bought an old toy piano at a flea market. I liked it so much that I began collecting and writing little tunes on them. Soon I invited friends to play along, and thus was born a project by the name of Twink”.

Old toy instruments, technology and great ideas fuse with amazing results, which may not be to everybody’s taste but you should give them a listen anyway. is host to a massive collection of small (250×250 pixels) mixed format pieces of quality digital art submitted by users around the world. You can browse the editors choice, recent uploads and specific artists galleries. There are even some of mine on there. It’s a great concept that has been executed beautifully, go and see for yourself.

Metal Mockery

Metal Mockery is the site that informs you of “just what it takes to be a TRUE Metal Maniac”. There are many subjects on the agenda, including household goods that a Metal Maniac should never be without, a guide to deciphering your favourite metal band’s logo, a guide to important metal guitars (Satan’s Inverted Bastard Pentagram anyone!) and finally the do’s and don’ts of being a Metal Maniac (including pictorial examples). Enjoy.


Here’s a mellow tune called Spirit that Richy Rist (of the Rists) any I created over a couple of rainy Sundays.

Geek stuff for anyone that cares: We created a few synth sounds with my Yamaha A3000 (a few mellow textures and one funky fat analogue screamer) and used them throughout tune. Guitar work was taken care of by Rich by recording directly into the A3000 for processing and triggering in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. The beats at the beginning were programmed by hand from a single cut up loop while the latter beats were built from randomised sequences randomly selected!). The tune was finally mixed down in Sonar after treating the mellow synth part in the middle (to get rid of a nasty DC offset).

The tune also lives at a site called which is host to around 500 tunes by many non-professional artists around the world, why not visit the site and listen to some of the other tunes. The standard of the material there is excellent

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This is a mix of Hyperballad by Bjork. I originally created this mix intending to send it to the Bjork Remix Web, which is a website that hosts unofficial Bjork remixes created by people like me. It’s well worth a look of you’re intersested in Bjork and mixing as there are more than 1000 mixes at present. The guy that runs the site is up to his neck in mixes at the moment so I’ll be sending it to him when it calms down a bit at which time I’ll update the link.

Geek stuff for those that care: I created this mix using samples from the original track (from the Homogenic album) and a single 8bit breakbeat sample (cut up as normal) I had left over from my Commodore Amiga A1200 days. I’m pretty pleased with the mix on the whole considering that I only used one extra sample of my own and how different from the original the track ended up. As usual the track was built using my A3000 sampler and Sonar on my PC.

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