This is a jazzy little Ektopic Beats tune called Unhinged that was created as an experiment to learn how to use my new software sampler, Native Instrument’s Kontakt.

Geek stuff if you feel the need to know it: Starting from the top, the sampled beat was from the intro to a movie (can’t remember which one, I watch a lot of movies, not that I would say which one anyways!), the other drums are programmed by me using a Battery Studio Drums jazz kit for those lovely brushed snare and tom sounds. The vocal sample was taken from a program I watched on TV (Channel 4 not 3!) and pushed through Kontakt’s "Time Machine" effect, which stretches and compresses samples without altering their pitch. This sample is also responsible for most of the synth sounding parts of the lead line, which is slowed right down until it actually sounds like a synth (very cool). There are plenty of other bits and pieces in their, including my vocals, that I wont go into but my favourite has to be the double bass. This was created by chopping up a double bass sample from a re-recorded classic jazz tune. I the re-arranged the individual samples to create the new melody that you hear. I’m not sure if it has enough bass as I mastered it in my music room as apposed to my living room (I get better results down there). Anyways, enough gassing, have a listen to version 1.1 (now there’s a first!), enjoy.

Update (05/01/03) You can now also listen to Unhinged [Instrumental]

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