Mutafukaz is one amazing cartoon showing what happened to Mutafukaz and his friend Burning Head one evening in Dark Meat City 2033. According to Mutafukaz site this cartoon is a preview of some kind so hopefully it is in the process of being made into a full-length movie or a series, fingers crossed. Visually stunning (like nothing I have seen before) and totally hardcore, do yourself a favour and go for the 55meg zipped avi

Update – (21/04/04) – Well, I thought that the Team Chman lot were just a bunch of guys having fun but it turns out that they are getting quite big. Since my last visit they have rebuilt their site to include clips from music video work, adverts (including a Fatboy Slim ad) and loads of other stuff such as info on their involvement in the innovative video game XIII.

Update II – (23/05/04) – New and improved site is up and running with a very cool animated interface

Here’s a great sketch of Burning Head