Abandoned Places

Henk says abandoned places “…have become hard to find, difficult (or illegal) to access, dangerous to explore…great to spend the day…why are abandoned places so attractive?” Abandoned Places is a great place to spend an hour looking at the high class (mostly) black & white photos of all kinds of abandoned buildings.

If you like it there make sure you check out the links page as there are tons more from the same mould. So far my faves include O’Boyle Photos for some goegous images of the Eastern State Penitentiary and a State Hospital for the Insane (among others) and also Lost America for some cool “night photography of the abandoned roadside west” bathed in red light.

Drum Machine

Turn up the volume, go on over to Tokyo Plastic’s homepage and click on the second link down to see Drum Machine (best viewed from Tokyo Plastic’s original link though). It’s a very cool Flash animation of seven little Japanese drummers…drumming! After that you should have a look through the contents of the first link on their page, that’ll keep you amused for five minutes.

Update (23/05/04) Tokyo Plastic have recently designed a mini site for Aiwa with a new animation called Music Box. It’s more of the above but a bit more jazzy and chaotic.


Animusic have created a piece of proprietary software called MIDImotion that can sync animation of futuristic musical instruments from MIDI tunes, the results are awesome.

There are full versions (small ones anyway) at ifilm of each of the seven pieces (have to put up with an advert before each though!). I recommend Drum Machine, Pipe Dreams and Acoustic Curves to begin with. There is also a hires version of Pipe Dreams but it weighs in at a hefty 34 megs…well worth it though for the extra detail.