If you like Radiohead you may like this and if you like bluegrass as well you’ll love it! It’s a 5 minute bluegrassed medley of Radiohead tunes by Rodeohead (Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirman).

The medley includes Everything In Its Right Place, The Bends, 2+2=5, No Surprises, Optimistic, You And Whose Army, Karma Police, Knives Out, Creep, Morning Bell, The National Anthem, How To Disappear, Completely, Fake Plastic Trees, Nice Dream, Paranoid Android, Planet Telex, Just and Subterranean Homesick Alien


I discovered Pictoplasma 2 (the book of contemporary character designs from around the world) by accident while in my local Waterstones and fell for it immediately, is its online home. The character designs are as excellent as they are diverse and the site has a great archive as well as links to individual artists’ sites and online exhibitions including the excellent Pictoparanoia (wasn’t there an advert that used this idea?).