I found b00mb0x while searching for tunes by Mixomatosis, who’s one of the GYBO artists…check out his tunes. Anyways, b00mb0x: The Virtual Mixtape is quitean interesting place if you like your music mixed. There are loads of mixes available and while many are not really my kind of thing I’m still happy to listen to them as I find the whole art form quite interesting…when it works it really works. For instance, Hardest Button Too Slow is a White Stripes vs Kylie Minogue mashup. Cons: There are quite a few dead links :-(


Songs To Wear Pants To

Songs To Wear Pants To . The idea…send Andrew an email asking him to write you a tune but make sure you give him details of what to expect, metal, jazzy, lyrical content, sounds etc. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll choose your idea. Some of my favourites…Toilet Flushing Shelving Unit, I Am Bjork, Gniht Elohw Eht Esrever, Warm & Fuzzy & The THX Sound With Just My Voice. For a more personal, and a guaranteed recording you can bid for the privilege on eBay, details on his eBay page. Andrew also has a link to all of his other musical projects, mostly noise orientated bit some interesting stuff there. Anyway, forget the site’s name and go listen to some tunes. [Cheers Clive]


Un_Fold was a global design competition for 9 designers to create 9 chairs in 90 days…and they had to be able to fit in a standard Fed-Ex box (the chair not the designer!). Go straight to the pictures of the results or watch the video of the unpacking. I’m not obsessed with chairs and packaging you know…well not much anyway!

Un_Fold Chair

Band To Band Degrees Of Separation

Here’s a good one that shows the Degrees Of Separation between one band and another (bands are officially regarded as connecting to another if they both share a legitmate band member). Kevin Finn says that a page like this must “exist otherwise the usefulness of the Web can really be called into question.” There are 12 degrees of separation between Bad Brains and Revolting Cocks…I guess he’s right. [via]

Phono Photocopier!

Vitaliy Fadeyev and Carl Haber are creating an interesting device that will be able “to map and photograph the undulating grooves etched” on the oldest recording available by using “special microscopes to scan the grooves.” The oldest recordings in the world are not even allowed to be played due to the risk of damage and deterioration so this may be the last chance of hearing and/or re-recording many of them. Nice idea. [via]

Phono Photocopier