If you like your designs isometric (who doesn’t?) then check out eBoy. There are loads of incredibly detailed images of buildings, vehicles, people etc. Well worth a visit. [via]

eBoy Drag Car

Always Outsiders: Never Outdone – Prodigy Remixed

The Get Your Boot On posse have been up to their tricks again, this time they’ve created an alternative version of Prodigy’s new album (Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned) and called it Always Outsiders: Never Outdone (more info here and download page here). Not only is their version better (IMHO) but the cheeky little monkeys managed to release it before Prodigy released theirs! If you haven’t heard their other albums you should check them out as well, just search (top right corner of this page) for Get Your Boot On or GYBO to find the other relevant posts.

Always Outsiders: Never Outdone

US Air Guitar Championships

More air guitar stuff, this time from the US Air Guitar Championships. Be aware of the rules, air drums area not permitted but air bass guitars are and air roadies are allowed but must lave the stage before the performance starts! Nuts. Check out the teaser trailer from the documentary…when Dan ‘Bjorn Turoque’ Crane was asked why air guitar he replied, “to air is human – to air guitar is divine”…WHAT?! Jeez, I should have known there would be a world championship, just found some more info about it via Aireoke! [via]

I wish I played the air guitar, so much easier hauling ‘air’ gear to and from practise!

US Air Guitar Championships

Virt’s Console Tunes

Virt is another musician that uses consoles to make many of his his tunes. This time it’s the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) sound sets. Virt also creates his own versions of his favourite game tunes using more conventional modern methods, well worth a listen. I love the logo as well :-) [via]


Bjork Videos And Medulla Mini-Site

A nice little Bjork Video Vault with full length videos from lots of her DVD releases on One Little Indian. Bjork’s also opened a new mini-site in time for the release of her new album, Medulla. There’s loads of interesting stuff there including some great little studio clips (the Rahzel vid’ is particularly cool). Also, seeing is it’s kind of current (and if I don’t mention it now it’ll soon be really out of date!), there’s a good quality video of Bjorks Olympic opening ceremony performance here. [last link via]