They Fight Crime In The Studio

Just got back from Purple Studio where we’ve spent the the weekend recording three tunes toward our first album. Everything went fine (no broken bones (sorry, Mixerman joke!), not even any broken drum stick for that matter!) and the tunes themselves are sounding really great, just need mixing and mastering. Roll on the next session.

I’m Scared

Greg Simkins online portfolio, I’m Scared…hundreds od sketches, illustrations, graffiti, photos etc. I’m a bit partial to the sketches myself and the randomly chosen front page logo, which are all pretty neat. Great stuff. [via]

P.Two’s Old Man Violin

P.Two from The Thought Police found and decorated this violin after finding it in a skip outside an old guy’s house. The old boy was all alone and ended up stuck at home talking to his cats until he was shipped off to an old peoples home. This was how P.Two saw fit to pay tribute to him, I love it.

The Pinky Design Contest

The Pinky Design Contest is similar to the Dunny Show but on a smaller scales and done as a competition. The contestants were challenged to create a new design for their Pinky (little plastic toy, nothing to do with their anatomy!). The best designs were shown at a expo in Munich and the winning designs have gone into production. Have a look at the winners, it’s worth it just to see the frog, very creative.

Wooster Are Back :-)

Marc and Sara from Wooster Collective have been in China for three weeks….but now they’re back :-) They normally get about a hundred emails every day with images and suggestions so they’ve got their work cut out getting back to their normal routine! So, if you’re like me and like your urban street art from all around the world spoon fed on a daily basis you should check them out.

One of their first post since their return is for these witty political statements by Made You Think. Made me chuckle and seemed quite an appropriate use for Bush’s image.