Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers

It’s not very current but I think it’s worth mentioning Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers by [The User]. It’s “a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. The Symphony focuses the listener’s attention on a nearly forgotten technology: the dot-matrix printer. Specifically, it employs the noises the printers make as the sole sound source for a musical composition. Leaving the constituent elements untouched, the process imposes a new order upon them, reorganising the sounds along a musical structure.” Make sure you check out the media page and there are some additional sound samples from the CD, Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers, here. It’s actually very cool. [via]

Soft Muffin

Akayuku Hime’s charaters are amazingly cute…that is until you look deeper into each image. Oven dark, sometimes very disturbing and even offencive in places. Adult content most of the way through so not safe for viewing at work. [via]

Robo Hannibal

“I love it when a plan comes together!” Not for sale, private project :-( Don’t expect Murdoch and Face as I don’t have photos of them…juat didn’t want you all to get excited about it! [via]

Transient’s Over The River & Through The Woods

Transient has a huge back catalogue of fantastic tunes (I’ve been listening to them for the last week or so) and his latest release, Over The River & Through The Woods is no exception. He’s “developed his own niche blend of downtempo mixed with, well, everything else. Often sample heavy, he skitters around in time conjuring images of worn vhs home videos, dark rooms and smoke filled lounges — yet managing to salvage a modern and personalised sound by refusing to surrender to the confines of the retrospective”…full of “dirty breaks, jazz, ambiance and even theatric moments.” Released under the Creative Commons Licence

The Thought Police

I’ve mentioned The Thought Police a few times before when I saw some of their individual pieces but think they need an official post for their current works in progress. Anyways, The Thought Police are two artists, p.two (PRDCT-TW0-00002) & Tron (TRN-00084) who are doing some pretty neat work at the moment. P.two has given birth to m.a.r.k. He’s a cool character with plenty of time on his hands but a firey temper. Their other project at the moment revolves around an empty warehouse that they’ve found. They are currently covering the inside and it’s looking amazing. Check out Tron’s leaves and tree as well as p.two’s short term memory loss. The site is updated daily with another picture and a little story about m.a.r.k’s day…if we’re lucky :-) Enjoy.