Spam Karma

Been having a few problems with comment spam over the last few months and finally got around to installing the Spam Karma plugin, which should effectively delete any dodgy comment spam (it’s a clever plugin, you should read how it works…half way down the page). However, there’s a chance that any other comments may be challenged. If you find you’re having problems sending in a comment then please let me know so I can change the settings this end. Oh…happy new year and all that ;-)

Beatles Mega-Mash-Up Goodness

Now, I love a good mash-up…I do, but one thing that I’ve not heard is a single tune created by using so many other tunes. This Beatles medley contains samples from forty of their tunes with five being played simultaneously in places! If this link goes down you can check out the original Boing Boing post as new links and mirrors are appearing to cope with demand. [via]


Seak’s work is astounding, and astoundingly complicated! He creates urban art but manages to fuse organic and robotic creature-like structured work as well as amazing typography. He manages to give his 3D lettering so much depth.