Dithers DVD

If you’re into art, especially street art, then you should check out the Dithers DVD. It consists of around three hours of interviews with thirty artists. You get to hear what they’re all about, see some of their studios and see some of them work. My favourite bit is when Silly Pink Bunnys’ Jeremy Fish goes out and about in disguise (a comedy disguise as well!) in the middle of the day with a customised briefcase. Each side of the case has a stencil cut out of it and there are two cans of spray paint fixed to the inside. When he found somewhere he wanted to stencil he just opened the case on the ground and sprayed the images before closing the case and walking away calmly. Anyways, if you like graffiti and the whole graffiti story you may enjoy this DVD.

Symphonic House

Architect David Hanawalt and Sonic Installation artist, Bill Close, are “curious as to the life of living inside a resonant house; an environmental musical instrument.” So much so that they have created The Wege House, a house where stringed instruments been built into and onto the architecture itself. Now, I’m not talking about normal stung instruments either, these are extremely long stringed instruments that are played in an unconventional manner. The musician has to wear “a cotton glove that has rosin powder on the fingers. The glove helps to hold the rosin and keep natural oils off the strings. Two fingers lightly pinch the string and run along. This action creates a compression wave within the material of the string. The fingers push the vibration along in a similar manner that one might create tone by running their finger around the edge of a glass. The action produces tones akin to cello or viola, however they are more resonant with upper harmonics. The tones are pure and beautiful.” There are a few videos on the site that’ll show you just how pure those tones are. [via]

Intelligent Robot Scrubs In

Medical tech heads have created a scrub robot called Penelope to assist the surgeon during surgery and to minimise human error (i.e. leaving instruments inside patients). “Penelope will save money for hospitals because it’s cheap to operate, reduces medical errors, frees up operating room staff for patient care, and will increase the number of operations done in a day.” Yeah right, like a scrub robot will be able to increase patient throughput! [via]


A great day to be a geek in Ipswich…Maplin’s newest store opened here today. Believe me, it’s just about as good as it gets here! I bought a digital multimeter (at £1.99 it would have been rude not to!)…never gonna use it!