Grafik Dynamo

Grafik Dynamo’s crazy live action comic strip. It pulls random images from photo collections and blog images and throws them together with some random text to create an ever changing strip. You can wait for ages to see something decent but all of a sudden you’ll get a little bit of magic like the one below! Because you never know what you’re going to get so it may not be a great one to view at work. [via]

Whomix – Doctor Who Theme Remixes

Whomix – “The Delia Derbyshire production of the Doctor Who theme marked a significant milestone in the nascent field of electronic music (read about the history of the theme at Mark Ayres’ website). This site was created in 2003 (for the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who) to pay tribute to that milestone by providing a forum for the sharing of freely distributable amateur remixes, electronic or acoustic, faithful or pisstakes, of Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire’s influential and timeless theme.” Seems an appropriate time to share this. [via]

Rose City

I don’t know how but I nearly forgot to share some great news…last week I became the proud owner of a fantastic piece of art called Rose City buy the fantastic Copyright. Photos don’t really do this picture justice, it has so much depth and vibrancy you really have to see it (this isn’t an invite by the way!). I just wanted to (force you?) share the joy!