I got IMed my Mickey late last night and we chewed the fat for a little while until he got to the point of why he actually IMed me in the first place. Without any real warning he just dropped a link and said I may be interested…turns out to be the understatement of the century! So what’s the deal then? It’s a guy playing drums that are triggering synth/samples sounds with some crafty-giggery-pokery…not very punk rock? You wait till you see him in action..especially as his kit is wired to a Marshall stack! It turns out his name is André Diamant but he goes by the name Duracell. Check out the videos of him playing here. I just hope someone books him somewhere near so I can see him for real otherwise I may have to venture to the Smoke to catch him there. [Mickey Mickey Mickey Oi! Oi! Oi!]

Cybernetic Parrot Sausage

The Cybernetic Parrot Sausage is a “German sausage repeating twice what the user says. The tip rotates at approximately 300rpm while the sausage talks. Separate battery compartment providing a 2 hours continuous autonomy. Due to the biodegradable nature of its body, this robot has a short lifespan.” Check the video right away! I’m having one of those ‘God bless the internet’ moments and it feels mighty fine!

Flickr: The London Police

I upgraded to a Pro account over at Flickr yesterday so I’ll be updating my Flickr page more often from now on. I’ve also discovered the Groups on Flickr (where like minded individuals pool their photos into collections) when I was kindly invited to join the Crazy Characters group. (I accepted right away of course!) I immediately started looking for somewhere to place all The London Police pictures that I had and discovered that there wasn’t anywhere already set up so I set up a group myself. Introducing the Flickr: The London Police group. I sent out a few invites and loads or people have already joined and started contributing…much faster than I could have imagined. It’s really great to see the photos coming in as the collection increases. I only hope that people continue to join and contribute. If you stumble across this post by accident and have some TLP photos you would like to share then head on over and join the fun. (Image below courtesy of Bandita.)

Have You Met My Girlfriend Holga?

Have You Met My Girlfriend Holga? is a one day photo exhibition in LA. All the photos were taken by “Rick Klotz and friends documenting a 3 week long surf trip in the mainland of Mexico. All photos were shot on Holga cameras with the inside frame taken out of the camera. What came out was beautiful overlapping panoramic images. The shots vary from the desolate surf villages down the Mexican coast to the wild transvestites in Zihuatanejo.” Let’s hope that the images eventually make it to a full blown web-exhibit. [via]


What a strange coincidence…I sat outside a coffee shop with some friends drinking a Coffee Frescato (iced coffee drink). All of a sudden I froze…literelly. I couldn’t move, I had an awful pain in the middle of my head and I was looking at the floor with my mouth open hoping that something would change and normality would resume quickly! It only lasted about 20 seconds and I lived to fight another day.

I turn on the PC this morning and check Boing Boing (no point in starting the day without checking out the news that really matters) and there’s a post all about Brainfreeze (check The Brainfreeze.com) or Ice Cream Headaches as it’s known in the medical profession (if you think I’m joking check the BMJ paper about it). Apparently it only effects “one third of a randomly selected population” and I can’t remember ever getting one before.

Anyways, Professor Joseph Hulihan concludes that “ice cream [or Coffee Frescato for that matter] abstinence is not indicated” which is good news, the caffeine was good.


Play, mix and even scratch the “pictures of your mum, an old program floppy, a scanned colour paper, a love letter, or a drawing” with the Datasound. Find it by navigating to ‘Devices > Datasound’. Make sure you have a listen to the sounds, that’s what it’s all about after all. [via]