Name Voyager

The Name Voyager is a neat little web-application created by Laura Wattenberg while hunting for baby names. What you get is a graphical interpretation of the popularity of names since 1880. You can also input your own name and check out how popular it was when you were born…strangely there is no record of Reevo being in the top 1000 in any decade recorded! Ho hum. [via]

Ektopia Update

I’ve just finished spending much more time than is sensible updating Ektopia (it’s taken me hours…literally!). So, in case you hadn’t noticed the latest images are on the left and the post content now wraps around it, which means that each individual post takes up much less vertical room and allows more posts to be seen on each page. The “Comments link” is now at the top under each heading, don’t be afraid to use it! Well, I wasn’t going to do all that hard work and risk anyone missing it was I! My eyes hurt…good night.



Now this is pretty exciting stuff. The VroomBox (currently in development) “utilizes a powerful microprocessor to digitally recreate the sound of your favourite muscle cars, and syncronize them to the engine in your own car. So when you step on the gas, you get the powerful roar of a ’71 Barracuda, a Shelby Mustang, etc. It sounds so realistic, it will blow you (and the guy next to you) away.” My 3 cylinder Corsa’s gonna sound bitching when I get my hands on one of these! [via]


Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love’s products are really cool, especially the B.I.O. (Bendable Interior Objects). The objects come in one 2mm thick powder-coated aluminium sheet. The shapes that are cut into it can be pressed out by hand and folded to create a stool, shelf with a clothes hanger and a lamp. Very cool indeed. Kind of reminds me of the Chairfix I wrote about last year. [via]

Graffiti Remnants

I’ve just stumbled across the great set of photos called Graffiti Remnants by txmx .2 on Flickr. “The labels of public water / gas supply, attached at almost every house in hamburg. After renovating a graffiti-sprayed facade, they are not painted over again – for to keep important informations. They stand out as little framed paintings then.” Classy little project.

Update – 17/11/2007- The images have now been placed here. Cheers for the update txmx.