The FatJab

The FatJab “offers another perspective to the process of reclaiming public spaces. It is a handheld printer that allows artists to print patterns and stories on any surface in the physical space. It deliberately doesn’t contain any sensing technology. The goal is to let the artist gain full control over the interface and distort the printed data as it is sprayed onto a surface to create a more personal rendering of a digital artwork. The FatJab is an attempt at creating a medium where users create patterns and stories in the digital space and bring them to the physical space in a very expressive manner.” [via]


Pop Sketch Series

pop sketch series this is a series of drawings generated from pop songs. the songs are analyzed note-by-note. at each note, a line is drawn. the angle at which the line is drawn is determined by the pitch of the note and the length of the line is determined by the volume of the note. the result is a series of playful, doodle-like, linear drawings.” [via]