A new way to relax? That’s exactly what SonoSync claim to have created with their new triple CD set of relaxation music. I’ve been listening to it now for a few weeks and I can report that it’s pretty great. What the team have done is created five chilled out tunes, each around ten minutes long, that have steered clear of the normal relaxation music clichés. So, if you’re keen on the sounds of “whale-song or panpipes” you should go out and buy any one of the other relaxation CDs out there because you’ll not hear them during any of SonoSync’s tunes. The other thing about this collection is that each tune is repeated on each CD but at a different tempo. You get a CD that’s intended to be listened to if you have a heart rate of 60 – 90bpm, a slightly slower version of the tunes at 50 – 60bpm and the slowest version for heart rates of 50 bpm and lower. Theses different version have al their accents and echos synced to the tempos of the individual CDs so each tune sounds great at whichever speed/CD you’re listening to it at. The idea is that you start off by listening to the fastest of the CDs for a few weeks before slowing it down a little till finally getting to the slowest CD and thus reaching a slower resting heart rate induced by the relaxing music. Or, you can just listen to whichever one you’re most comfortable with, it’s up to you.

I guess if you’re going to review a CD like this there a few important questions that need to be answered. The first one, and the most obvious, is how it compares to other relaxation CDs that are o the market. Well, I’m not a seasoned relaxation CD listener but the ones I’ve heard are nothing like this one. They are either too busy, not busy enough (you have to have something interesting going on), have awful sounds and just lack the sonic quality of SonoSync. What you get here is lush textural pads and atmospheres intertwined with simple, and slightly muted, elegant piano phrases and the sound of water. The second, and most important question that I asked myself was, “how does the SonoSync’s collection compare with other non-relaxation music out there?” There’s plenty of music that’s mellow and just recorded as music, nothing more – nothing less. Nobody’s tried to categorise or sell it as relaxation music. I’m a fan of this kind of music and while such artists like Future Sound Of Londonare relaxing they are can be over-stimulating at the same time. It’s difficult not to listen and to and hear everything that’s going on. Perhaps the nearest I’ve got to finding the perfect relaxation music is Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports, which has a nice balance of long relaxing, but interesting tunes. This was my staple music to listen to while in bed till I got hold of SonoSync. So, using this as a benchmark, how do they compare? Very well in fact, they are quite similar in many ways and are equally relaxing. Better or worse than one another? Who knows, who cares! To say that that SonoSync is equally relaxing as the aforementioned Eno’s album is complement enough as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve not made up my mind which CD I prefer out of the three available, I like them all, but if I’m really tired I always go for the slower of the three. I’m not sure if it makes a difference or not but psychologically it always seems like the best choice. So, would I recommend it? Definitely, so long as you don’t have a dislike to the peaceful sound of water or pianos then it may just work for you too. At less that £15 for the collection it’s a no brainer really.


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  1. 2006-02-22

    good morning Reevo,

    if you’re into relaxing with music you might want to go to our website and download the sampler we offer (on the “download information” page of our site) of our new CD “sweet heresy”

    it’s so relaxing many folks need to listen several times before they get through to the end of the last cut, because they fall asleep somewhere in the middle.

    since i got to your site by searching for relaxation music, in this note i’ve told you how our CD puts folks to sleep, and now i’m going to urge you to go to the “slow, low, and varied” page of our site……but of course our music is interesting and importantly different for all sorts of other reasons.


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