The Art Of Rebellion

The Art Of Rebellion, carefully constructed by Christian Hundertmark (AKA C100), is a book about streetart.

This isn’t just another streetart book though, this one seems to be far more personal than many that I’ve read in the past. The reason that this book comes across as being more personal is that each of the artist’s entries are accompanied by their own Q&A sheet that have been personally filled out. Sometimes they have been filled out in scruffy scrawl, sometimes and beautifully crafted lettering and many of them have doodles and other pieces of their art attached. These little snippets into the lives of the individual artists include where they come from, where we are likely to find their work, some history relating to their characters, how and when they got into streetart, who they respect as artists, their inspirations, their opinions on the future of streetart, any advice and much more. It’s almost worth the cover price of the book for these little gems by themselves. It’s not all about the text though is it? It’s about the art. This book doesn’t contain any conventional graffiti at all, this is made up from original and inspiring streetart only and it doesn’t disappoint. There are loads of artists including many of my personal favourites such as Above (see his page below), The London Police, Toasters, Microbo, Buff Monster, Space Invader, Kaws, Pez, WK Interact, Flying Fortress, Eko, Obey, Jace, Dave Kinsey, El Tono, Mr Andre, D-Face, and many more. Each artist gets their own nicely formatted double page spread and while you may have seen some of the photos on show here there are also many exclusive photo montages, including some where the actual artists are seen creating their pieces.

There are also sections dedicated to the great streetart cities around the world with a few handfuls of art from each as well as a section dedicated to streetart supporter sites who also get their own Q&A sessions. These include the obvious ones such as Wooster Collective, Ekosystem but no mention of Ektopia for some reason…ahh, it was first published in 2003! I’ve already mentioned that The Art Of Rebellion includes many of my favourite artists and this makes it a great book alone. However, it’s an even better book for including several new artists for me. The world of streetart seems to be an awe inspiring journey at times and I’m always grateful for individuals, websites and books who introduce me to more quality art. In this book I’m so chuffed to have been introduced to the amazing works by Zevs and also Viagrafik as well as many others. Nearly forget…the best news of all comes on the last page though, The Art Of Rebellion 2 is in the works. I’ll be posting about it as soon as I find any information myself.

Anyways, the book is a well rounded, classy and insightful, look at some of the greatest street artists around today. It weighs in at 144 pages, bound by a cool little sticker sheet, is published by Gingko Press and distributed in the UK by Airlift Books. Get a copy direct from any of these places or from the usual places including Amazon UK and Amazon US.


Chapter9’s Mannequin Series

Chapter9’s Mannequin Series – According to the photographer, Jerome Abramovitch, “there is absolutely no airbrushing or digital manipulation in the photos on this page. The magic of these photos is the meticulously planned image alignment. I shot these using film, locking the camera to a tripod and then taking two photos one after the other. It’s old-school photo montage, nothing more.” Take a look at the rest of his photos while you’re there. I particularly like the Bathtub and fetish shots…purely for their artistic merits you understand!


Fm3’s Buddha Machine

Fm3 have released their latest tunes on a little hardwired device. It’s comprises of 9 different loops that are “stored on a small chip and can be directly played by this mini soundsystem.” Take a listen to some of the loops and I think you’ll agree that they sound mighty fine. Sounds like it could well be the greatest bedtime music ever. You can buy them from Forced Exposure for $23 plus shipping. Stunning stuff and a lovely graphic too. [via]


Ektopia’s Gold Comments #0004

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So, it’s been a while since I awarded an Ektopic Gold Comment but I saw this one by Madi Potato (real name?!) and immediately knew it had made #0004. It was a comment made about the The Happy Potato post that I wrote more than a year ago…Cheers Madi –

“oh eck do i love potatos.. u got potato chips, potato scollaps, potato gravy, potato soup and sliced potatos, mashed potatos, hot potatos, green potatos, washed potatos, diced potatos, brushed potatos, potato pie, shepards pie thats got potato in it!!! POTATOS FOREVER”