Scathing Personal Attack!

After a scathing personal attack on my sidebar updating ethics from someone who claims to be a friend (“You’ve been reading those books for a long time Reevo!”…not really scathing but it got your attention didn’t it?!) I’ve pulled my finger out and made it happen. Check the sidebar out for details of a few books and CDs that I’m currently reading and listening to. Not only have I got around to updating said list but I’ve also added an archive page for the older recommendations so no need to worry that you may have missed some rocking goodness!

Remember, all CDs and books come with a money-back guarentee…well not by me they don’t, but if you don’t like them then you can always place them on eBay with the words ‘OUT OF PRINT’ or ‘OOP’ or ‘RARE’ etc, preferably in capitals like I’ve shown here, and you’ll more than likely double your money! On a more serious note, I really hope you enjoy them if you get around to getting anything from the list :-)


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