The Envelope Collective

The Envelope Collective ” is an ongoing collaborative experiment in art that uses the transportation of mail as a medium.” Send the guys a piece of art on an envelope and watch the online gallery grow. Quite small at the moment but will undoubtedly be huge eventually.


3 Replies to “The Envelope Collective”

  1. Apart from the obvious – this doesn’t have secrets or confessions – what is the difference between this and the post secrets blog?

    I think it’s a great idea, and of course there’s nothing to stop you borrowing their methods – but isn’t this a little derivative?

  2. It was a subtle link (without linking) to te last bit in the Izastikup review. I mentioned all the amazing envelopes that the artists had sent in so I didn’t see this as a re-hash but as a subtle difference in canvas that caught my interest. Points taken though gents, all personal preference isn’t it.

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