Happy New Year

Whether you mark the end of the year using the Julian year, Sidereal year, Tropical year, Anomalistic year, Draconic year (Eclipse year or Ecliptic year), Fumocy, Heliacal year, Sothic year, Gaussian year, Besselian year, Great year (Platonic year or Equinoctial cycle) or just by getting more pissed than you do throughout the rest of the year, I wish you a happy new one! Hope your hangover’s not too bad tomorrow :-)

Thanks for continuing to visit Ektopia, for those that I’ve borrowed links from and to those that have sent me emails with recommendations and encouragement. See you in 2006.


Random Acts Of Reality – Da Book

Looks like Random Acts Of Reality (previously blogged) is going hard copy with a recent book deal. What’s most interesting perhaps is that it’s being released under the Creative Commons Licence making “the entire text of the book available online and also entitles readers to download it, and reproduce it for personal, non-commercial use.” Should be available in August 2006.



Rik Cat is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. I’ve been checking out his work for ages but when I saw Ponder the other week his whole back catalogue made some kind of sense all of a sudden.

“Most of the objects that I use are found pieces of paper from the street and miscellaneous junk mail. I have a particular fondness for stamped random numbers that are found on parking tickets. I try to use images from the past, type from foreign language magazines, and drawings from my own sketchbook that I feel strong about. Then I apply acrylic paint on top of those sketches and images to complete the piece. By working in such a random manner, it is very satisfying when this process works.”

Make sure you also check out Rickcat’s Flickr page for an up to date stream of his work.


New NYC Anti-Graffiti Laws Incoming

There are some crazy new anti-graffiti laws headed NYC’s way. One part of the new law “requires owners of commercial and residential buildings to remove graffiti from their property within 60 days of its appearance, or face fines.” Why not keep the whole class back after school! Even better, lets breed a new kind of underground anti-graffiti vigilante brigade to do the police’s work for them. Strange ideas. [via]


Cable Street

CableStreet is a UK streetart collective. Their site hosts some of the individual artists’ work and news on what they are up to. There are some cracking artists involved and lots of great photos from some of their projects. More greatness to follow, I’m sure.