JR Art

JR’s photographic graffiti documentation is something else altogether, as is is all the other themed photos that he takes. He manages to capture both the action and the atmosphere in every photo he takes; something I bet many wish they could do…including me! via]


Stuff On My Cat

I’m not really a cat lover (think I’ve mentioned that before) but Stuff On My Cat had me laughing out loud for ages last night. Maybe it was because I was really tired? I like to think that it was because this is as funny as… This kind of thing just cracks me up! Remember, Stuff + Cats = Awesome!


The Banjo Lick Protector

The Banjo Lick Protector looks like a great alternative to copyrighting live music! Expect a guitar version soon. Didn’t Eddie Van Halen turn his back to the audience when he first played his hammering and tapping techniques? Maybe that would be a cheaper alternative to the Banjo Lick Protector! [via]


Socialpest T-Shirts…Wait For It!

So it’s about to all kick off in Socialpest’s world. Looks like the brand name is about to see realisation with the first, of hopefully many, T-shirts created by some great artists. Mad*L gets the honour of creating the first one and if it’s anywhere as good as everything else he seems to get his hands on then it’s going to be ace. The best and the worst news, depending on whether you get one or not before the first design is sold out, is that it’s being printed in a limited quantity of 100. I guess a good way to get a chance of getting one, along with all the future Socialpest info, is to get signed up on the SP mailing list. Exciting times…