Portishead Remixed – Dumb

Perhaps the greatest news so far this year has to be the release of Portishead Remixed – Dumb. So why an I so happy? Well, two reasons. First of all is that it’s a fantastic remix/mash-up album made by bedroom musicians around the world. All the tracks have been reworked to make a unique alternative to the Portishead’s original, and amazing, debut album, Dummy. Secondly, my version of Biscuit is included (under the moniker Ektopic Beats). The full artist line-up is JoolsMF, Rolo, DJ Matt Hite, Pheugoo, Lenlow, Pilchard, Thriftshop XL, CompactRisk, Solcofn, Ektopic Beats and Alex C. That’s not all – a guest vocalist, Katie Enlow, was invited to add some vocals to a couple of the tracks; her vocals have gelled the collection of tunes together beautifully. I think that if you love the original (what do you mean you’ve not got it!) you’ll love this too, it’s a fitting tribute (without being a tribute album) to the original musicians and their seminal work.

Go take a look at the Portishead Remixed site, get downloading, read the info while you wait (including the all important Donate page) and then enjoy the tunes. At the moment it’s only available as a Bit Torrent file. If you’re not familiar with Bit Torrent then don’t be afraid; go download a Bit Torrent client and get downloading. If like what you hear then feel free to spread the word, the link and the torrent file.

Well done to everyone else involved, especially Mixomatosis for coming up with the idea, planning it and seeing it through to completion and release.

Update – 22/12/06 – Just realised that the main site is no longer active so here’s my tune if anyone’s interested.


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  1. again, couldn’t hold myself from linking this nice stuff, in Dutch ffcourse, but hey, nothin but positive! nice project this Portishead, and i was a bit stumbled to read you’ve been cooperating on it… cool.
    keep rockin’man!!!

  2. Cheers flawijn, glad you like it and thanks for linking it up on your site too…spread the word!

  3. Portishead is an amazing band, Innovative use of jazz samples, big drums, simple bass and decks n effects. Great piece of music.

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