Tilt/Shift Photography

Alspix’s recent photo of an amusement park facade in a seaside town reminded me of some strange photos that I had seem from time to time over the last couple of months. I had commented that the photo almost like a tiny model. After some searching I discovered that Alspix’s photo had nothing in relation to the kind of photos that I had been thinking about (apart from the fact that it’s amazing) as these other photos were all using Tilt/Shift lenses.

The general idea behind Tilt/Shift photography is that special lenses can be bent from side to side (tilt) and also from from their normal parallel, in-line, plane (shift). The ’tilt’ seems to create photos with very specific, and changeable, focal point within the photo while the ‘shift’ action can be used to correct geometric distortion (converging lines). Anyways, both types of photography yield amazing, and unrealistic, results.

Hame has a great page of Tilt/Shift Photography Links and a quick Tilt/Shift Google search will give you a shed load of information about the subject along with plenty of links to these fantastic photos. And if you think that that £1000 tilt/shift lenses are out of your price range then tale a look at Mkaz’s home made lenses…inspirational stuff. Another obsession; that’s all I need!


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