The Wave Guitar

The Wave Guitar, by RKSGuitars, is the first commercially built guitar that boasts interchangeable “body shells and pickguards. Undo a few screws and change the colour of your guitar! It’s so simple you could do it between sets”. Seems a bit weird to me but I guess it’ll be perfect for the iPod generation (saying that, I’ve wished I could change the colour of my guitar many times over the last 15 years!). [via]


Is This You?

Is This You? is a collection of found photographs from around the UK (from photobooths and pavements)…”is it possible to reunite these images with their owners?” Apparently it is. Great idea, great site.


Library Of Dust

Library Of Dust is an amazing, haunting (and disturbing), photo collection by David Maisel. “Inside a dusty room in a decaying outbuilding on the grounds of a state-run psychiatric hospital are simple pine shelves lined three-deep with thousands of copper canisters. The canisters hold the cremated remains of mental patients who died at the hospital from1883 (the year the hospital was opened, when it was known as the Oregon State Insane Asylum) to the 1970�s, and whose bodies remained unclaimed by their families. The copper canisters have a handmade quality; they are at turns burnished or dull; corrosion blooms wildly from the seams of many of the cans. Numbers are stamped into each lid; the lowest number is 01, and the highest is 5,118.” [via]


Dave Kinsey’s Enviromethodolgy

Dave Kinesy hits London 31st of March to the 13th of April at StolenSpace gallery off Brick Lane. It’s called Enviromethodolgy and if it’s anywhere near as good as his exhibition/installation work that I’ve seen on the internet and in books then it’ll be a cracker. I’ll be hitting this and the Neat show on my next trip to the big city. OK, OK, no more posting about exhibitions today!


Adam Neat Sells Out

Sells Out is Adam Neat’s latest show. Neate will start painting on Saturday 1st April and the resulting artwork will be on display between the 3rd and 15th April (12-6pm & closed Sunday’s and Good Friday) at One Small Step (60 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE). Should be good. [via]


Dot The Eyes

I’m really gutted that I won’t be able to make the Dot The Eyes shows. It’s due to start on the first two weekends in April and will host an amazing line-up of artists who’ll be doing live drawing all weekend for the two consecutive weeks in a bar, called Common, in Manchester. The line-up includes loads of my favourite artists including Elph, Showchicken, Matt Sewell, Dist, Guy McKinley, Richt, Via Via, Ruse and Nellie. Looks like it’ll be a classic.