David Levinthal

David Levinthal’s wonderful photos are so eerie and dreamlike. It’s not hard to imagine that people didn’t realise that all the scenes were all made from tiny models once they looked at them. Regine’s post tells us that when one of his books, Hitler Moves East was released in 1977 it was placed in the history section because the images fooled everyone. Incredible stuff. Early tilt/shift effect goodness (only they are real toys and not just toy-like!). Anyways, some of the photos aren’t quite safe for work viewing (even if they are just of models I guess). [via]


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  1. Cool, but I just looked at some of those photos at work and wishing I didn’t now!

  2. his work is absoloutly amazing. i am usin david levinthal for insparation in a photography essay and i hav recreated some of his work

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