Electronic Plastic

Electronic Plastic – “Browse through pics & details to more than 660 boxed handheld and tabletop games, from the 70s and 80s. Check for the game you had as a child, or be amazed by the endless variety of portable, old-school electronic toys.” I had a few of these back in the day. If only I hadn’t taken them all apart…I could have probably retired on the eBay profits!


Larosoire’s Spit Screen Photos

Introducing Larosoire’s astonishing spit-screen photos. Now, these are no ordinary split screen photos. Each pair of photos have been carefully matched from Larosoire’s massive personal photo archive. Sometimes the matches are purely by chance discoveries and sometimes they are stages; either way, they are tip top. You’ll get hours of enjoyment from Larosoire’s photos so go enjoy.



Create interesting musical phrases by bombarding Pianolina with moving squares that represent individual notes. Take a look, it’ll be a lot easier than me trying to explaining it any more! [via]


Morning After Portraits

These fascinating pill based Morning After Portraits, by Andrew Diaz Hope, are…fascinating. “The morning after portraits are portraits of people in front of their medicine cabinets or in their local pharmacies with hangovers, migraines, morning sickness and other maladies self-inflicted or bestowed by nature. When viewed from afar, the portraits can be read as a whole image. As one moves closer, the image begins to break down and the individual capsule pixels become more dominant.” Check them out. [via]