Little People – A Tiny Street Art Project

Mjar recently blogged about Slinkachu’s Little People – A Tiny Street Art Project. Slinkachu’s tiny hand painted characters are left in appropriate places to be discovered by observant onlookers. Most of us would probably miss them if they were a metre away but I guess that’s the whole point. Truly great. [via]

Update – My Dog Sighs has just dropped me a line to say that Slinkachu’s also got himself a Flickr account too…cheers MDS.


Eric Pentle

I tried not to keep going on about Product2 (of The Thought Police) and it’s been quite easy lately as he’s been quite quiet on the internet front. Recently he’s been doing some great stuff under the moniker Eric Pentle. As well as some tongue in cheek signed, and edition numbered, articles of abandoned junk he’s pasted up some fantastic pen and inked heads. However, what’s really doing it for me are his stunning little gravity defying figures, which has culminated in this piece…in my opinion one of P2’s greatest pieces. It all just leaves me wanting to see more of his work and in much more detail and I would be a lot happier if he had a proper site and not just his Fotologs. Ho Hum.


Silent Library

A very funny video of Silent Library, which is a crazy Japanese game show where the contestants have strange things inflicted on them and they have to try and remain quiet. Doesn’t sound that good but it’s contagiously amusing…check the image from the Slapping Machine! [via]


Colour Player

Colour Player is the result of a study into how we associate music with different colours. It turns out that most of us are able to create, with explanation, a strong link between a piece of music we are listening to and a specific colour.” Interesting concept, I’m just not sure I could be bothered to trawl my collection and assign colours. Don’t they say that people associate smells to music based on memories too? I wonder if I should purchase and try and sell it to a developer… [via]