Ektopic HQ Upgrade

Lift HornEktopic HQ is upgrading to Ektopic Towers this week (we’re moving house!). Therefore, don’t expect much Ektopia activity for a week or two. I’ll be back…hope you will too :-)

My advice for those link hunters? Go check the links on the sidebar (including the random links at the top – F5 to refresh them) and the Ektopic Archive. See you soon…


Nothing – “What better present for the person who has everything than a poignant reminder that they want for nothing? This lovingly crafted vial of emptiness is filled to the brim with unfettered nothingness. Free from the burden of possessions, the weight of responsibility, Nothing is as idiotic as it is brilliant.” It’s only £3.49 too! [via]


Banksy’s Barely Legal

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For the one or two people that haven’t already seen it over the weekend…a nice set of images from Banksy’s Barely Legal show in LA. It’s hard to fault with his work is. Amusing and shocking in all the right measures. [via]


Containership Power supply

A nicely designed power supply shaped like a containership. “Most of the electronic devices in use everyday are manufactured in in a particular province in China and are delivered by containership. The biggest of these vessels can hold up to 9,000 40ft containers and is too massive for the Panama Canal. Paradoxically, they frequently return to China empty- there is nothing to bring back. People generally do not realize the extreme scale of the infrastucture needed when a single geographic area becomes the primary source, even for things that most people see as insignificant. This ship powers our electronic devices with their cords in it’s wake.” [via]