2.5cc Turntable

This link took me right back to a Hi-Fi convention I went to in London in the early 1990’s where bearded audiophiles (and yes, they did ALL have beards!) would sit around strange looking decks and speakers listening to classical music. When I saw this crazy 2.5cc Turntable I could imagine their faces as they walked into a room with it playing…noisily! A steam powered turntable would also be a good idea I guess…maybe the heat would warp the vinyl too! [via]


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  1. Oh, this is just fantatic. As a dedicated design/car/audio nut this speaks to me.

  2. yAWN!

    Chek out the Antiques Road Show Archives.
    A gentleman had a steam-engine
    powered grammaphone he picked up from a
    Mexican flea market.So this is only about
    a hundred years late to the game!I guess
    it would be something new to young
    whipper-schnapps!I have to go lie down.

  3. Hahahahahaha, cheers for the gold comment…what a cracker. I wonder how many people will get the Garret Anderson reference?

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