ChronArte Clock

Chronare Canna is a spectacular wall clock with real liquid display. A unique design feature for generous and timeless rooms.The twelve crystal clear tubes fill like a cascade with colored water. Minute by minute, hour by hour. When all are filled, the system empties and the cycle begins anew. Continuously flowing water as a symbol for time and its passing. Time as an endless river”. [via]



When I first say Photosynth in action it actually took my breath away. Photosynth “takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.” Sounds simple but is extraordinary. It’s probably best if you take a look at the video of Photosynth in action and enjoy the lecturer’s nervous giggles as he receives spontaneous applause from the crowd. [via]


Mi Jam Mini Electronic Instruments

The Mi Jam Minis caught my recently. “Each mi Jam Mini is a pocket sized music maker that lets you play it on its own, or jam along with your music, your way. There are 4 styles of mi Jam Minis [mi Jam Mini Drumpad, mi Jam Mini Keyz, mi Jam Mini Guitar & mi Jam Mini Mixer], and each one represents a specific musical instrument. Each one works as a standalone instrument with built in rhythms or as an accompanying instrument when used with an iPodMP3 player or other portable music device. The mi Jam Minis are extremely versatile and each one even has its own tempo and volume control. You’ll be surprised what fun they are and how quickly you will become proficient at playing them…best of all…they fit right in your pocket so you’ll always have them with you.” Very mini-Sigue Sigue Sputnik too don’t you think? If I was commuting every day I would definitely be having some fun with these. [via]


Genius TV Packaging

I won’t tell you the extent of how excited I get over interesting packaging (check here for a few of the one’s that I’ve liked in the past) but when I saw how amazing this flat screen TV’s packaging was I had to take a moment to compose myself! The whole thing folds in half leaving a couple of slots for your DVD player and games machine and a slot in the top to fit the actual TV into. That’s a hard act to follow for any other design company. [via]


Cory Doctorow’s Craphound

Cory Doctorow writes for my all time favourite website, Boing Boing. As well as doing this, he also does loads of other interesting stuff including being the author of a number of sci-fi/tech books. His personal website, Craphound, keeps all is news up to date as well as giving you access to his books via free downloads because they are all released on the Creative Commons copyright licence. I’ve been checking the books out lately (I used my pocket PC to read them and I got my first migraine…that’s another story though!) and they’re definitely worth checking out.


Weird Converter

The Weird Convert works like a standard weight and length converter but allows you to choose strange items to convert, such as the human eyeball and African elephants! For instance, an gallon of water is the same weight of 0.5903823664907 of a spider monkey! [via]