Augmented Sculpture v 1.0

Here’s what Pablo Valbuena has to say about his Augmented Sculpture v 1.0 – “This project is focused on the temporary quality of space, investigating space-time not only as a three dimensional environment, but as space in transformation. For this purpose two layers are produced that explore different aspects of the space-time reality. On the one hand the physical layer, which controls the real space and shapes the volumetric base that serves as support for the next level. The second level is a virtual projected layer that allows controlling the transformation and sequentiality of space-time. The blending of both levels gives the impression of physical geometry suitable of being transformed. The orverlapping produces an euclidean three-dimensional space augmented by a transformable layer that I can control, resulting in the capacity through the installation of altering multiple dimensions of space-time. These ideas come to life in an abstract and geometric envelope, enhanced with synesthetic audio elements and establishing a dialogue with the observer”. I say – check out the video of the installation and you’ll see that it is, without doubt, one of the finest pieces of sculpture ever. Fact! [via]


The Under The Pier Show

I’ve wanted to write about the The Under The Pier Show for a long time now but just never had the time to write as much as I would like to about it. Basically, The Under The Pier Show is a small arcade that sits on top (not under) Southwold’s pier. The arcade is full of quirky home made machines like the Autofrisk, Mobility Masterclass and Is It Art? (use your imagination and you’ll probably not be too far off). I think the best thing is if you just head over to the site and do some investigating. Better still, put a pin in the map and visit The Under The Pier Show sometime in the future.


Baby Grand Master

Baby Grand Mastertouts itself as being “The King of Video Instruments”. With Dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Players, Edirol V-4 Video Mixer, 3 Marshal LCD Monitors & Allen and Heath Xone 92 Audio Mixer with an AB 1100 Watt Power Amplifier driving Dual 15″ Subwoofers, an 18″ Subwoofer, a 12″ Subwoofer & 3 Bullet Tweeters all built into a grand piano shaped enclosure it’s hard to disagree. [via]



Scanart -“A Digital Artifact Recontexualization creates a critical approach to how digital artifacts are treated and used, in that receiving the manufactured message of static meaning does not produce successful digital artifacts, nor does it allow for the release of the full potential of effects that result when recontextualizing the artifact. The project explores the question of how to produce meaningful content through the usage of the home office scanner as a facilitator of personal expression through recontextualizing its intended meaning. In order to produce a work that studies several different theoretical contexts and techniques, the delivery of this exploration is divided into several seperate components, allowing for a multitude of interpretations in the extraction of personal meaning by exploring the results of the different creative processes involved in the project’s production.” In other words, it’s a scanner that photos…kind of like a scannergraph if you will! [via]