Dina and Marina’s Girlography is a mix of photography, collage, painting and drawing where the individual citys’ beauty are celebrated along with the beauty of the female form. Some of the images aren’t safe for work [NSFW].

Gianluca Mattia’s Pinup Toons


“Pinup Toons” is one of the big search strings that get people to Ektopia due to a few posts quite a while back. The original post was done on a day when I posted a hat-trick of pinup toon links so I thought it was about time I did another set. So, here goes – I dig the format myself and was pleased to see the Art of Gianluca Mattia recently. Although it’s all along the same theme, Gianluca Mattia manages to stamp his own style on things. Not safe for work if your boss doesn’t appreciate cartoon soft porn! [NSFW]

Radical Graphics


Radical Graphics – “The purpose of this website is to provide activists, radicals, revolutionaries, and otherwise left-leaning individuals, who are working to put together flyers, pamphlets, zines, propaganda etc., with high resolution graphics. Most of the images you will find are of an inherently anti-authoritarian, anti-status quo nature. Of course, everything depends on the context that the image is used. Some of the images are not radical in and of themselves, but they might serve a purpose for certain radical groups/projects”. [Cheers Ed]