FarkFK’s Montana Series Munny Custom


I’ve been a fan of FarkFK’s work for quite some time but when I saw his Montana Series Munny Custom recently I realised that he’d just raised his standard to a whole new level. I think it’s one of the best customs that I’ve ever seen. Genius.

Update (06/04/08) FK’s just updated the project with another couple of other coloured editions. They are collectively known as 5120, 5130 and 5140 after their Montana colour names.


Sketch Theatre


Sketch Theatre serves to motivate and inspire artists from all walks of life. Here, aspiring artists are exposed to contemporary artists and the various career paths taken by these like-minded individuals who all began their careers with the primary process of putting ideas and expressions down with a pencil & paper. The brilliant myriad of artists featured on Sketch Theatre strip down and expose raw sketches on camera, never failing to captivate and inspire. Enjoy the show.” There is a great line-up of artists including Shawn Barber…there, I mentioned him again!

Yellow Drum Machine


This Yellow Drum Machine wanders around till it finds surfaces to drum on. I used to be a bit like this when I was a14 year old! “What it does? Basically: Navigate around, collect some data, avoid obstacles, until it – Finds something “worth playing on” (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto) – Snakes into place – Plays some beats on what it have found, and samples this, checking it has a “good sound” – Based on data collected in the area, and sample just made, then compose a little rhythm, and plays this along with the sample.” [via]