Box of Clouds & The Tin


I can’t imagine that I’ll see anything much better on the internet this year as the Box of Clouds. Kim Laughton has taken a cheap little photo-viewer keyring, packed it with images of the sky, taken off the back-light and housed it in this cute little tin. When you feel like you need some nice clouds (and I do often as I work in a place with no windows at all) you just flip the lid, hold it up to a light and you have slide-show of sky goodness. Genius.


The Tin is another beauty. Some idea but this time the viewer is packed behind along with “watch parts, insect wings etc” (to create a 3D effect) and a slide-show is played through a peep-hole. Love it.

Also, take a look though Kim Laughton journal and her Flickr page. There’s loads of fantastic photos that she’s taken. [Cheers to Thomas for sending the link]

Polite Umbrella


Joo Youn’s Polite Umbrella has a neat little handle that allows you to mould the footprint of the umbrella to suit your surroundings. “Users can easily adjust their umbrellas anytime by pulling a handle so that they can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others.”[Cheers Thomas]