Electric Koi


Tokyoplastic do the thing again with the brilliant animation, Electric Koi. Masters of their craft. It’s also worth pointing out that their site has been updated and is much easier to navigate to all their recent works.


BBC’s Olympics Monkey


Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn have just released the new BBC’s Olympics advert with a new take on the old Monkey story. It’s spectacular, as you would expect and nearly as good as the 70s TV version! Actually, speaking of the other Monkey, that Monkey DVD box set looks a bit special too…me want Monkey box set! [via]

The Grooves of the City by JR


JR recently took photos of Cartagena’s oldest residents before pasting them up over their town. The results are, as they normally are, astounding. In fact, I think this is his best work to date. Check out this video that accompanies the project as well as Supertouch’s post where you can see lots more photos from the event. [via]


Font Freak Zine


Mr Mr45rpm recently put together a great line-up for a new zine. Font Freak dropped through the letterbox of Ektopic Towers the other day in a little sealed bag with some stickers and a few postcards. Nylon, Airforce, Janoe, Ponk, Gumbo, Sewell, Flor, Raek, Paris, Eko, Richt, CT, Babou, Kyte, Oath, 1981, Scheme Ekon, Sums, Kaione, 1659, 45rpm & obese; put these all together in one place and it’s easy to imagine that the results are amazing. Content wise, it’s primarily blackbook stuff and it’s all great. The styles included vary greatly from very loose organicness (is that a word?!) from Nylon (who also had a short interview) to very intricate graphic 3D fontiness (how about that one?!) from Scheme and everything between. Another highlight for me is the collection of graff photography. It hadn’t occurred to me that gritty graff shots, and their accompanying urban decay settings, would look so special on Xeroxed pages.


To be honest, in the past I’ve not really been a zine kind of guy but you can consider me a convert after checking Font Freak out. It’s also an inspiring little book too. I guess that’s part of the point really, it’s accessible in so many ways. It’s also made me realise that a publication like this has a value equal to that of professionally published books. Content is king and the content in Font Freak is as good as any other graff book that I have in my collection; it just has a different style and it just so happens that I love that style.

Anyways, take a look at some of the pages here and a few more here. 58 black and white pages of graff-goodness for £5…bargain. Roll on Issue 2.