Twink: A Very Fine Adventure


Twink. Six albums in (counting a special edition of Supercute) and there seems to be no sign of Mr Twink slowing, slacking or stopping. This time it’s with the release of A Very Fine Adventure and a very fine adventure it is too. For those that don’t already know, Twink is is a one-man toy piano nut who also just happens to be an amazing tune writer and recording artist. I’ve always been a fan. In fact, Twink was one of my original Ektopia posts back in…let me check…2002! So, six years and six albums later and here we are; another collection of tunes. There’s a little more synth compared with earlier Twink releases but still enough Twinkness to know exactly who you’re listening to; still definitely a toy piano band. Drum programming is the best to date too IMHO with such subtle brilliance. As for stand out tunes – Flytrap is a killer tune with all the discordant madness that you could wish for! Toadstall Tea sounds like it would sit perfectly alongside an animated version of Amelie. Come to think of it, all of Twink’s music would work well with animation I think. Anyways, it’s 12 tracker and as usual it’s packaged brilliantly. This time it has a fold out sleeve that you can refold several ways to create your chosen cover for your own fine adventure and, again, it’s all been created by Mr Twink. Can you ever have too much of this kind of thing? While Twink are running the show the answer has to still be “no”. Another awesome CD.




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