I’ve been a big fan of Ashab’s work for a long while now so it’s great to see that he’s finally got himself web-sited up to share the goodness and get the online presence and attention he deserves. Go check out his work now please! [via]


Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu


Well, I’ve mentioned Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu quite a few times over the last few months but I’ve finally got around to actually getting a copy and I can properly report its brilliance. Hopefully I won’t have to say to much about what Slinkachu does for this very reason. However, for those in need of a quick foundation – Slinkachu is a street artist; a tiny one. He himself isn’t tiny (although I’ve not had the pleasure in meeting him!) but his work is. Tiny little hand painted people are taken out into the real world and have to deal with the same shit that the rest of us have to but on an altogether different scale…literally. If they are not dodging lorry sized lumps of bird crap then they’re getting stuck in lumps of chewing gum! Not all of their troubles come from us though. Sometimes they cause their selves as many problems as we do. There’s a fight between office workers and even an indecent exposure!


However, they don’t all spend their day watching out for giant troubles or even troubles on their own scale; many of the Little People are just going about their own business with little regard for the rest of us. Chilling in the pool (a manhole!). Taking out the bin. Hanging out the washing. You know the kind of thing; it’s the kind of thing that the rest of us do.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing some more large-scale work from this project over at Cosh and the pieces on show were amazing. Like in this book, each piece was accompanied by a sibling piece with a zoomed out photo of the whole scene so you could see the Little People in the same way as you would have don’t if you had been lucky enough to have caught them during their transient short lives.


The think that I like best about the book, and the exhibition at Cosh last month I guess, is that the man Slink managed to keep so much of his new work unpublished on the internet. This meant that so much of the content is completely fresh, exciting and surprising. He’s done a great job of bringing his Little People into book form too and I bet that all the Little People are feeling very proud of being involved with such a great project. Here’s to Volume II.

Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu weighs in at 128 pages. Get it from all the usual places including Amazon UK but preferably from an indie store near you.

Da Vinci Alarm Clock


Da Vinci Alarm Clock “assists the user in adhering to the 3.5/.5 sleep schedule devised by the Renaissance Man, allowing the user 21 hours of awake time a day, completely free of sleepiness […] The Da Vinci Alarm Clock works on a very basic system. The Dot Matrix display will always show either Sleep or Awake. When the product is first switched on the display will immediately show the word Awake. This will continue to be displayed for 3 hours at 30 minutes. At this point the clock display will change to show the word Sleep and a high-pitched alarm will signal this change in state. This will continue to sound until the user presses the alarm-reset button. The word sleep will continue to be shown for the next 30 minutes, at which point the display will revert back to show the word awake, the alarm will also sound at this point to signal that a change in state has occurred. The 4-hour cycle will repeat itself six times over the course of a 24-hour period and will continue to do so until the clock is switched off. If the user follows the directions given by the clock then they will be able to enjoy the benefits of a 21-hour day, with little of the associated tiredness they would normally experience.”. [via]

Graphotism 50


Issue 50 of Graphotism has landed. As usual, it’s packed full of graffiti goodness including specials on Can Two, Does, Wow123 and a stunning section dedicated to Pose. All that as well as the stuff that we love like the photos from around the world and even a little mini understated celebration of all the previous edition covers so that you can salivate over the issues that have long become unavailable!

Sound Chair


Matthew Plummer Fernandez’s Sound Chair “begins as a sound that is precisely crafted to form the shape of a chair when visualized as a 3-dimensional object using a volume, time, frequency plot. The chair is an exact replica of the soundwave graph. The result is a product with dual existence as both a sound and chair, and a new approach to designing products”. [via]