GelaSkins Bamboo Fine Art Prints


I’ve known about GelaSkins for quite a while and up until recently they’ve been pumping out a variety of artist based iPod, phone and laptop covers/protectors (I have a Blaine Fontana skin for my phone). Loads of great artists got involved with the company so there were loads of great images that could be transferred onto your gadgets to protect them from scratches and also to personalise them.


What really caught my attention recently is that they’ve moved on a few steps on from using the artists’ work as a form of gadget protection to just selling the artists’ work full stop. Take a look at their collection of Bamboo Fine Art Prints that are printed on environmentally friendly premium quality heavyweight bamboo paper with archival ink. They aren’t signed by the artists, they’re not individually numbered or available in limited quantities wither. However, they are just $30 each. And what about the artists… Jason Limón, Gianluca Mattia, Kathie Olivas, Luke Chueh, Nanami Cowdroy, MARS-1, Nathan Ota, Stella im Hultberg, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne, Daim and many more. It’s all about the art and making beautiful quality value for money prints for everyone to enjoy. Simple as that. Here are the two that I got got hold of and I can say that they are superb quality… and that without considering the fantastic value for money.


The Tiger That Isn’t: Seeing Through a World of Numbers


I’ve just finished reading through Michael Blastland’s and Andrew Dilnot’s The Tiger That Isn’t: Seeing Through a World of Numbers. It’s basically an introduction to statistics that are used (and misused) in the media and is made up of a collection of case studies from recent years. Each statistic is skilfully dissected and the layers (that are normally missed in the media) studied to the point where its true numbers are made completely clear. Many subjects are tackled including schooling, healthcare, public spending, average earnings, environmental issues etc. over chapters that include sampling, targets, averages, risk, shock figures and more.

I’ve come to the conclusion that every school, business and home in the world should have a copy on their shelf. So much so that I’m going to buying you all a copy today and sending them out to each and every one of you!

(Not really!)



“When Hell fills up the DeadDeadDead will rise….” There’s a new creative brand in Brighton Town. They’re a small team (with loads of creative friends) called DeadDeadDead and here’s their debut creation. Now, take another look. And another! Yup, I can’t get over it either! A single photo. No photoshopery trickery. Just days of hard work, skill and preparation. There’s a great introduction to the shoot with loads of preliminary imagery and ideas as well as video from the day of the shoot as well as a great stop-frame video of the scene being created. Only then will you truly realise what an enormous effort went into creating such an extraordinary image. If they carry on putting as much effort and skill into their future clients’ projects (as I’m sure there’ll be many queuing up this morning) then they are destined for an amazing future together.