Match Calendar


Considering the speed that this year has flown passed at I could easily have just lit one of the matches on the corner of Yurko Gutsulyak’s match calendar and watched the whole thing go up in flames!

Suqer aka Papper & Penna


I just stumbled across Suqer’s (aka Papper & Penna’s) Deviant art site. I already know how amazing his type work is as he created my Ektopia logo a while back but seeing all his logos in the same format without any other visual interruption is a real eye treat. Take a look at his logo collection. Stunning.


RjDj Iterative Audio Adventurism


RjDj is a fantastic application for the iPhone that records the environmental sounds, scrambles them and plays them back through your headphones. Sounds a little dull but what you get with a simple trip to the local shop is an unusual soundtrack to your life, and it is YOUR soundtrack complete with music made from the sounds of the cash register and squeaking fridge as well as the banging bin lid and barking dog. Check the videos. Amazing.

Michael Neff’s Chalk


Michael Neff has a great project called Chalk where shadows are outlined in…chalk. I know this has been done before and that there are a few great examples on the internet but what sets Neff’s pieces above the others, in my opinion, is that the finished photo seems to be the art and not the actual piece that’s been photographed. [via]