Outsiders: New Steve Lazarides Book


Steve Lazarides has compiled a book of outsider art that looks like it includes 256 pages of all those great artists that we associate with his name; Faile, Jamie Hewlett, Gee Vaucher, Zevs, Paul Insect, Sage Vaughn, Jonathan Yeo, Invader, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Todd James, 3D, Blu, Mark Jenkins, Ben Turnbull, Kelsey Brookes, Lucy McLauchlan, Ian Francis, David Choe, Antony Micallef, Polly Morgan, Miranda Donovan, Stanley Donwood, Mode2 and JR. I’m sure it’s a winner. There’s a standard Outsiders paperback edition for less than £10 but more importantly a Special Edition. According to the Amazon listing, the Outsiders Special edition’s cover is supposed to have a small part of a larger piece by one of these artists, Antony Micallef, Zevs, Faile, Blu, Miranda Donovan, Jamie Hewlett, Vhils, Conor Harrington, and David Choe. It sounds like it’s just printed on the slipcase rather than being a separate piece of included art. The edition is a run of 1000 copies that I’m sure will be sold in no time at all making it very collectable.


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