Bulgarian Squat Shops


Bulgarian Squat Shops – “In the late 80’s, private ownership of production was legalized in Bulgaria. Among the first businesses to appear were these small “Squat Shops,” operated out of floor-level cellar windows. Despite more legitimate storefront space becoming available, these small portals remained operational and lucrative – miniature convenience stores catering to the cigarette fix of the passing pedestrian or the midday thirst of those waiting on bus stops, for which patrons have no objection to stooping to street level. An idiosyncratic, now common element of the Bulgarian capital, over time the shops have evolved elaborate displays, framing the small street level openings with bottles of alcohol, coffee, and cartons of cigarettes, often in eye-catching bright colors”. God bless Polar Inertia.



I’ve had Hush’s website floating around my drafts section for longer than I can remember. I’ve been waiting for his site to be updated with an archive of his work or something similar I guess but that’s obviously not his plan as he does that over at his Flickr page. So, with that in mind, his link-up is long overdue; especially as his recent work has been so great.

Studio Amour


Studio Amour is Bristol’s new fabric design and print studio with a strong line-up that already include Ponk, Aimee, Pref, Nylon, Dora, Paris and Dibo. There are no examples of what they’ll be showing as yet but rest assured it’ll be great with so may fantastic artists on board. Check in for news of their bi-monthly exhibitions. Good luck to them all.