Eltono’s Pubblico


Eltono’s latest project, Pubblico, plays with the temporary nature of art on the street. Layers of his trademark tuning forks have been pasted on top of one another in public. Nature and people have stripped through the layers to ultimately create random colourful versions of the image ready for exhibiting.

[Update – 15/02/09] A quick update of Eltono’s Pubblico project with some more juicy photos.


Manequin Speakers


This could be the nicest pair of speakers I’ve seen in a while! This manequin stereo speaker setup is designed to force “the music source into the center of attention and creates a radically new user interface”. No kidding! You would be at risk of arrest for turning up the volume (check where the dial is). Now where’s the best place to put your head for optimum stereo definition?! [via]