Chris Keeney Photography


I don’t normally write about photographers as such but Chris Keeney is something else. I’ve mentioned him before over the years as he’s always been a Flickr favourite of mine with his experimental techniques and his familycentric photos; he has a family photo album unlike anyone else. He’s more recently turned to professional photography and shooting all kinds of photos. He seems to have kept in mind his experimental roots, playfulness and approachable, non-intrusive and friendly nature (the people in his photos are quite obviously more than happy to be photographed by him) and is coming up with some really amazing images. Also of note is that he now has a blog where he not only shows his own photos but has detailed explanations for his experiments and also has a regular feature about individual pinhole photographers around the world. I just never get bored with looking at his photos.

Mynameis? – Issue 3


Issue 3 of mynameis? has just landed with the bulk of this issue going out to Jim Phillips, Laurie Lipton, John Santerineross, Solo One and Saber. Again, they’ve managed to keep a new issue fresh by not going down the same road again, by including the fine art and photography of Lipton and Santerineross in particular, proving that they are not just a graffiti book. The old mynameis? website now links directly to Graphotism’s new Creative Resource Centre where the Graphotism posse have upped their game to make the online store side of things much, much larger.