In Bb 2.0


In Bb 2.0 is a collection of musical (and spoken word) video clips that have all been recorded in B flat. They are designed to be played together, at random by the person playing the vid’s back at home, in any order and at ant time and due to their irregular and un-rhythmic nature the whole thing works really well.

Evol Book & Print


Even though I only recently posted a link to Evol’s new work, It’s definitely work mentioning the link to Evol book (.pdf), which was available in a real book format at his latest show as well. It includes some great photos of all his stunning recent work as well as a fine interview with Evol. Also worth a mention is that one of his most impressive pieces had made it to print. About to be Yellow is in an edition of 75 and prices at 390 Euros. For me, there’s no better artist using stencils at the moment. Long live Evol!


Hang Up Pictures Banksy Print Comp


Hang Up Pictures are running a competition to win a £1000 Bansky print. All you have to do is watch a pretty steamy video (not at work I should add!) and take note of the art on Jennifer Dawson’s (Agent Provocateur model) walls. If you’re like me, it may not be as easy as to take your eyes off her! Send the artist names on the form at the bottom of the page and someone will win the print mid’ July. If you’re not interested in winning the print, you may still want to watch the video!