The Art of Ed Mironiuk – The Book


Ed Mironiuk (site NSFW) is definitely the best at what he does and he, deservidly so, has had a book published of his works – The Art of Ed Mironiuk, published by SQP (NSFW). As well as a standard edition of the book, Ed’s also selling signed copies with hand drawn sketches too. Another book added to my ever-growing book list.

Some people hide their deepest fantasies and fetishes from a world they know will never understand them. They live lives of quiet kink and desperate bondage. Then there are types like Ed Mironiuk – loud, proud, and unmatched in his love of the bizarre and who delights in the spikey edges of what’s not appropriate. And he makes a fine living at it as well! A remarkable artist, Ed’s love of fetish, tattoo, piercing, and all things weird and wonderful make him a most excellent candidate for a showcase of his own! His pin-up girls have a rough and ready attitude, his latex and leatherworks shine with the sweat of a well-spent evening in a well-appointed dungeon, and his general design-sense is – well – Stimulating! Not for the faint of heart, but a must for the thrill-seeker who likes his (or her) stillettos pointy and their boots thigh-high.

8-Bit Trip – Lego Animation


If you’ve not seen it already then you may well be the last person on the internet to have seen fifteen hours of stop-frame logo animation – 8-bit trip. Kind of reminded me of the old Amiga demos in places. Did I mention that it too fifteen hundred hours? Watch it and you’ll see why.

Diana Mini


I’ve picked up a couple of original Dianas over the last few years and never spent over £5 on one so it’s a bit of a shock to see that Lomo are reproducing them for £50 each! However, they’ve just started selling the Diana Mini for a hefty £60 but with the ability to take square format photos on a 35mm film leaves me a little tempted. I guess that at £60 I would be better to start using my £5 modified SLR and £5 modified lens though.

Gang Up Magazine


Some of Brigton’s most talented photographers have teamed up and created a new magazing; Gang Up. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing and unique title.

Good ideas always come along when you least expect them, and usually after a few beers. DarkDaze wanted a new platform to start presenting new, slick and beautiful photography, and to do it with the best. On a grey afternoon outside the Prince Albert photography gurus Louie Banks and Sam Hiscox, were recruited to create a special edition fashion magazine. They went on to bag styling queens and creative geniuses of Ophelia Fancy, Emma Sandham-King and Stevi Jelbart. For some reason they allowed some bumbling part-time model and blogger Sally Reynolds in and Gang Up magazine emerged. A hold in your hands sweet deal of a perfect bound magazine full of the best visual imagery you will find.

Head on over to Gang Up’s site for more info, photos and links to the creators’ websites etc.