Anatoly Beloshchin’s Underwater Worlds


Anatoly Beloshchin dives and takes dreamlike underwater photos like these.
“We are 30 meters deep, fresh water, then 60 meters deep – salty water and under me I see a river, island and fallen leaves… Actually, the river, which you can see, is a layer of hydrogen sulphide.” You could almost be forgiven for hardly believing what you’re seeing. [via]


Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)


Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) looks like a great book for parents who don’t want to over protect their kids too much (who want to have free range kids). Boing Boing have had a couple of posts about the book recently and can be seen here and here. I’ll definitely be getting a copy of it at some point to go through with my little girl… sometime between when I get it and when she’s about 20 years old!


The Third & The Seventh


The Third & The Seventh is a stunning film looking at architecture and also cameras. Its no secret that it’s all computer generated (with a couple of composited pieces of real life: “photographer (shot on greenscreen), pigeons, timelapsed growing flowers, flying airplane and sky backgrounds”) but it will have you questioning the value of real life film when such sublimely realistic renderings can be created with zeros and ones. Does it matter at all either way? [via]


Internet Forum Analysis

This analysis of internet forums made me laugh. “Q: Does anyone know where I can buy good tomatoes in Chicago?

1. Forget about tomatoes, you need to buy zucchinis. Try Chicago’s Zucchini Emporium.

2. I know this place in Chicago that used to sell awesome tomatoes, but they closed five years ago.

3. Tomatoes in Chicago suck. Philly has the best tomatoes.

Check out the rest.

It all looks very familiar doesn’t it but I think that there’s a post missing from this list –

11. Please search the forums before asking about tomatoes in Chicago [This will then link to about eight previous posts about tomatoes, Chicago and zucchini, all of which will still not supply the answer!]