The Beatles Complete on Ukulele


One for the weekend… The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Roger and Dave are in the middle of a recording project where they are collaborating with many musicians to record ukulele biased versions of all of the Beatles (some with more uke than pthers). One tune a week till July the 21st 2012! There’s also an essay to accompany each tune as well as a running body count of deaths from within the tunes, which is currently running at 15!

007 – Come Together – John Lennon murder reported on live TV
009 – I Will – Adam Green pulls the plug on girlfriend in a coma
012 – In My Life – Hamlet and Ophelia die in suicide pact
017 – Because – Frank expires and meets the gods in the afterlife
022 – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – Maxwell takes care of Joan, his teacher and the judge in 3 verses
027 – Your Mother Should Know – Oedipus Rex kills his father
048 – Get Back – Drew Smith murders his love object, Loretta and himself.
055 – Fixing A Hole – Kirkland Roberts shot to death for atonal singing.
061 – I’m Only Sleeping – Kati Mac never wakes up.
062 – Eleanor Rigby – Rhe buries Eleanor for fun
064 – A Day In The Life – Car crash in verse two

So, I’m trawling through them and have already heard some crackers including Blackbird, Come Together and A Day in the Life. Really looking forward to hearing the rest as they are released and hope that they can keep it up to completion. [via]

Jason Travis’s Persona


Jason Travis has a fascinating collection of photos under the project name of Persona. People are stopped in the street and asked to empty their bags. Photos are then taken of the contents and then themselves. The resulting images are very special. Not only are the contents always interesting but the portraiture is also pretty special. Put some music on, hit the slideshow and enjoy. [via]


Joe Penrod


Joe Penrod isn’t the first person to art up shadows but I still really like the photos and how they document such a recent time with the shadows shifted just slightly from the blue tape shadow duplicate. [via]