I’ve been enjoying asboluv’s paintings for a few years now. Being a Flickr fave of mine, I always look forward to seeing what he’ll create next. I was gutted to learn that I walked right past an exhibition he had some work in the other day while I was in London. He’s also in good company being part of the Grafik Warefare posse.


I’ve ver bothered to sign up to Facebook. I can’t stand the idea of sharing every inane part of my life with everyone who may,or may not, be interesting in what I’m up to. However, I do feel that I’m losing out on some aspects of connecting with some of the people I know and would like to be closer to online. I’ve been hoping for something better than FB to come along…

Google are introducing the Google+ project. Think Facebook for grownups! Choose who and what you share instead of cluster-bombing everyone in your contact list. Seems so obvious but I guess it’ll only work if people join up. There’s a demo as well as the videos to take a look at. At the moment, it’s an invite only affair while the system gently grows. Hopefully it won’t be to long before the rest of us can use it. If anyone ends up with an invite kicking around and want to pass it my way then feel free to get in touch.


“Some people are born to be leaders, effecting great change amongst their people. Others are born into mediocrity, living unremarkable lives. But for some, life will be a constant battle offering zero opportunities.” Meet Zero. [via]